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Frequent Asked Questions

1. Main Questions

1.1 What payment options can i use in DiagonalRoot website?

-Bank Transfer, Multibanco, Paypal.

1.2 How long does it take to DiagonalRoot deliver the service?

-2h to 48h after payment confirmed.

1.3 How can I be sponsored by Diagonalroot?

-At the moment we're sponsoring to many communities with game servers,

so we're closed to game servers community sponsorship. Our sponsorship just includes Voice servers and Webhosting

If you have any community with a minimum of 50 users, facebook Group, steam Group and site, let us know.

We can sponsor you with voice server / webhosting and give you access to our private servers.

2. Secundary Questions

2.1 When and where DiagonalRoot was created?

-January 2013 in Porto, Portugal.

2.2 Where are DiagonalRoot servers located?

-Portugal, France, UK and DE.

2.3 Are DiagonalRoot servers protected by Anti-DDoS?

-Yes. DiagonalRoot servers are protected by three different DDoS mitigation.

Basic, Pro and Advanced Anti-DDoS protection.

2.4 What is the support email?