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DiagonalRoot - ARK: SE (Server Info)

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• Game/Mods Exploits and Hacks Use Punished with Ban
• Prohibited Mountains/Caves Construction/Resource areas
• Griefing not permitted
• Cage Abuse not permitted
(Do not keep players more than 3 hours inside a cage)
• Prohibited New Players Raid
• MaxStructures = 7000 (To prevent low fps)
• Prohibited Pinguins spawn block/Iceberg construction
• Prohibited Foundations spread across the map
• Game/Mod bugs and Tribe managing problems are not our responsability
(Bugged dinos, Missing dinos, Deleted Tribes, Unclaimed dinos and buildings, etc)
• Max Tribe Members = 10 (no tribe alliances)
• Intalled Mods: Structures Plus, Classic Flyers, Aberration Dinos, Better Reusable and HG Stacks
• Multipiers: Harvest x10 Tame x10 Xp x10
• Last Wipe: 27/07/18
• No Advertisement, Server Recruiting or Chat Spamming is permitted

Reports Email: