ATLAS Community server
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Modded Server

Extinction map
70 slots
Xp Harvest Tame x10
24/7 Online

Vanilla (no mods)

Nice tickrate
100 slots
No Wipe (just if forced)
24/7 Online

Competitive Cfg
24 slots
Nice ping
24/7 Online
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Community Teamspeak

Admin / Mods Online
Free Channels
Music Bots
Multiplayer members - Server Provider

European Company and Multigaming Community established since 2013.
Provides extreme performance servers with National or European traffic.
We expect to grow in the worldwide business, maintaining prices and quality ratio above average.

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All Clients 0067 CLIENTS
All Machines 0007 SERVER MACHINES

Reached Steps

Conan Exiles - 1º European Private Server
ARK: Survival Evolved - 1º Portuguese Private Server
Rust - 1º Portuguese Private Server
Battalion 1944 - 1º Portuguese Private Server

Unturned - 1º Portuguese Private Server

                                                                              Registered company on behalf of the E.U. TIN 205664539 - VAT exemption polity under art. 53 of the Portugal CIVA.